About me and Equitrain

About Equitrain

Equitrain is since 2021 based at Solbaddet,  Skebobruk in Roslagen (30 km north of Norrtälje). During 2007-2017 the business had its base in Skåne.

I train and sell dressage horses, and used to have my own small scale breeding program. I give lessons in dressage riding, the education and training of young horses and long lining/double lunging.

Equitrain offer these services:

Courses and clinics all over Sweden and all over the world. For example Östersund, Hongkong, Skåne…

Courses – Clinics – lectures

Lessons (group or private)

Training horses of all ages: dressage, starting young horses, young horse education and long lining

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About Karin Engström

I grew up on a farm in the village Österfärnebo in the Swedish province Gästrikland. Already as a child I had a great interest in animals and nature. My father had a North Swedish horse on the farm (drafthorse) which he utilized for forestry work until the 70’s. Therefore I got a natural feeling for horses in work early in my life.

After my agricultural education I first worked with dairy cows, but my interest in horses continued to grow every year and I decided to dedicate myself full time to them instead.

In the years of 1989-1991 I studied at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science. I studied to become a stable manager at Flyinge, which at the time was a national equestrian centre for both education and breeding in Sweden. I was very eager to learn and graduated with honors (number one in my class).

After my graduation I worked as a stable manager at Bollerup Agricultural Institute. Young horse training and student education was part of the job description. It was a challenge to independently educate both horses and people at a noble stud with hundreds of well bred horses. During my years I prepared many 3- and 4-year-old horses for the Swedish young horse test. Several of them qualified to the national finals in both dressage and jumping. In the end of the 90’s I also presented a stallion at the Swedish Stallion Licensing test.


  • In the year of 2000 I was employed at Flyinge as a rider for the young dressage horses. Coming years, I rode and showed a large number of young horses for both trials and evaluation tests. I participated for several years in our stallion shows, where I was both riding and showing the stallions by hand.
  • In 2004 I was hired at the university education in Equine Studies at Flyinge, teaching students how to train a young horse. My classes included everything from starting up young horses, long lining and dressage. I was also giving a lot of clinics in these subjects. I was part of the Committee that developed the young horse education program at Flyinge.
  • 2012 Project manager for overseeing the project called “Quality Assured Young horse training”, initiated by the Swedish Warmblood Association and Flyinge AB.
  • In the years 2011-2013 I was a project leader and author of several chapters in the book “Flyingemodellen – från föl till final” (”From Foal to Final”).
  • In 2007 I started my own company Equitrain and bought a small farm in Blentarp in the south of Sweden. I was training and selling dressage horses, giving lessons in young horse training, dressage and long lining.
  • 2014 worked part time (50%) at the “Färs & Frosta” bank and a fulltime commitment to Equitrain.
  • 2015 began with three months at Mette Rosencrantz in the US. After that I continued full time with Equitrain.
  • At the end of 2015, I was training students in Hong Kong for the Hong Kong Jockey Club, at Beas River Country Club.
  • 2016 new trip to Hong Kong!
  • 2017 moving my operation to Hammarlunda Gård, in Harlösa (east of Flyinge).
  • 2017-2018 continuing my collaboration with Hong Kong Jockey Club, doing several trips to Beas River Country Club in order to train students and staff.
  • 2021 Equitrain moves to Solbaddet, Skebobruk (in Roslagen).